Tescoma eCommerce Site

“The service from Defined Branding was excellent and most importantly they are  easy to work with,  a truly professional team. During the process we got great support whenever needed both before and after the launch of our website www.tescomamalta.com. Keep up the good work ! tescomamalta.com is a user friendly website, giving all details about our products including video clips of  how the products are used. The feedback we got from our customers was very positive. We are extremely happy with the outcome of our website.” Paul Muscat

Case Study Client:
Paul Muscat of PV Muscat importers of household products including Tescoma®

The Brief:
Paul required a website that would allow him to sell his products online. It was important that he would have control of the various website sections and that all were easily editable especially the product catalog. He would require a Mailing list to inform clients about special offers and a log-in area to allow clients to order securely and track orders made.  He would also require control of the interfacing elements, such as the latest products, to keep the website looking fresh and dynamic.

How we fulfilled Paul’s requirements/brief:
We created a fully customized website with a simple back-end to edit all the sections required.

We also connected Paul’s accounting system to the back-end of the system to allow all his products to be transferred (and later synchronized) to the website at the touch of a button.

Problems encountered:
The biggest setback was that the existing accounting system was a basic one containing only the product codes so there were no product details and descriptions we could use in the system.

Problem Solved:
After liaising directly with Tescoma head office in the Czech Republic, we decided to set-up a multi-way connection that allows us to get the product codes from Paul’s accounting system and the descriptions and imagery from the Tescoma (mother company) database. This allows Paul to add new products including their descriptions, video and imagery just by adding the code to his accounting system and pressing the synchronize button.

We believe the result was marvellous but we’ll let you judge for yourself check it out here at www.tescomamalta.com