How to create a high performing business development strategy for your gaming tech company.

Posted by Stephanie Fiteni on 22-Feb-2017 11:35:06

Gaming Tech is complex business and selling it is perhaps one of the more difficult tasks. Once contact is made with a lead or a prospect it can take months to close a deal and much longer than that to actually onboard the new client. All leads are certainly not created equal and perhaps the biggest cost to acquiring new clients is the number of leads that were not a good fit or chose a competitor after a lot of time was invested in meeting that new lead at a conference and following up for week and months.

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A comprehensive guide to generating more sales from your b2b website in just 15 days

Posted by Stephanie Fiteni on 22-Feb-2017 11:12:11

Most businesses understand that a website is an absolute must if you want your business to be taken seriously by other business-owners. However many seem to create brochure websites that just remain static.

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How to create n online marketing strategy for your iGaming tech company.

Posted by Stephanie Fiteni on 22-Feb-2017 11:00:59

The biggest catch about being a tech company is that if your marketing isn’t very tech oriented your prospects will feel like something is off. If you say you are high tech then you have to be high tech, or at least be perceived to be in everything you do. The good new is that online automated marketing tech is not so complex really. Well, at least no in the business to business industry.

However the right approach coupled with the right amount of automation will make sure that your business development team never runs out of leads to follow-up and your prospects are wowed by your tech automated marketing.


Here’s a simple step by step process to help you make sure you have all the right pieces in place:

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10 Easy steps to make your IT business more visible online and get found in search engines.

Posted by Stephanie Fiteni on 22-Feb-2017 10:45:49

Being more visible is the first step to generating more traffic and more sales from your website. Here re 10 tips to give you a strong head-start:

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Marketing Strategy Hacks for eGaming Tech Companies that will double your website’s traffic in 60 days.

Posted by Stephanie Fiteni on 22-Feb-2017 10:20:08



If doubling your traffic sounds difficult to you, then you’re probably not actioning your data often enough. Whether you’ve been in the gaming tech industry for a while or not, strategies need revising. Data needs processing and deciphering and new trends need to be infused into your evolving strategies to keep boosting your results.

Here are 5 simple Marketing Strategy Hacks to double your website traffic in 60 days. eGaming tech is a small niche, this makes it a great environment to build online success.

  So stick with it and you'll see results.

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